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Where do you teach?:

    - Carson City and Lyon County.  I am 100% mobile, meaning everything I need to instruct any of my services, I can load and take with me to set up at any location.  I do not have a classroom, so I come to you!


How do I schedule a service with you or get more information?:

     - Call or email me.  While texting is possible, often the answers to the questions are so lengthy, that's it's easier/quicker to call or email you back.  775-232-8995 /  I do have a full time job during the day, so calls and emails will be returned when I am available which is usually after business hours. 

How do I pay?: 

     - Payment due at time of service. Cash. Check. PayPal. Venmo. Zelle.  Reach out and ask if you need a different payment option such as Cash App, Apple Pay, etc... so I can look into it.

Are you available 7 days a week for private instruction or CCW classes?:  

    - No.  I have a full time job, Monday-Friday, with rotating on-call duty, and occasional weekend overtime depending on the season.  I am only available to teach on the weekends (season dependent).  If I respond back that I'm not available during a date you've requested, I'm most likely scheduled to work and will recommend you to another CCW Instructor in your area. 

I don't have a handgun but would like to train with you:

     - I have handguns and ammunition that I use specifically for training.  While I am not a gun store with a large inventory, I can introduce you to the basics and help you choose the right handgun for you. Semi-automatic...revolver...small or large caliber and handgun sizes... I got you covered!  Call or email and I can send you more information about what I offer.

Do you teach shotgun or rifle classes?

     - On a case by case basis depending on what you're looking to learn.  I have training and experience with both and have taught students for both, but depending on the type of training you're looking for, I may refer you to another instructor more qualified in that specific discipline. Reach out and ask.

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